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Wait! Let's Talk Workshops

WAIT! Let’s Talk workshops are informative, supportive, and engaging. We provide specialized workshops based on your specific needs, including options for classroom settings, youth groups, and parents or caregivers. Our student workshops are designed to encourage teens to think critically about the influences and choices that can affect their current and future relationships. We offer both content-specific sessions and faith-based workshops. Our parent and caregiver sessions are designed to equip parents, caregivers, and youth leaders to navigate the discussions that today's teens want and need to have.

All our workshops are FREE, thanks to our generous donors. If you would like to financially support us, please visit

All information presented is sourced from credible references such as Alberta Health Services,, and the Alberta Education Health and Wellness site.


for schools and youth groups

Healthy Relationships - Junior High

60-80 minutes

These workshops offer age-appropriate exploration of cultural influences on relationships, potential consequences of sexual activity, and how to identify personal and community resources. These workshops are customized for the following grade levels:

  • Grade 7:  Personal values and healthy relationships.

  • Grade 8-9: Healthy relational and sexual decision making.

Click Here to see how Healthy Relationships - Junior High workshops comply with Alberta Learning Outcomes for grades 7-9.


Healthy Relationships - Senior High (CALM)

120 minutes

This workshop invites students to explore their worldview, including what factors may be influencing their relationships. Students are equipped with positive and healthy sexual decision-making tools to protect themselves emotionally and physicallyTopics include: 

  • Recognizing healthy, unhealthy, and abusive relationships according to what they hear, see, and feel.

  • Defining dating violence among high school students and exploring how to get help.

  • Understanding and preventing sexually transmitted infections.

  • Identifying personal and community resources.

Click Here to see how Healthy Relationships - Senior High workshop complies with Alberta Learning Outcomes for CALM 10-12.

Preventing Sexually Transmitted Blood Borne Infections (STBBI)

120 minutes

Alberta has some of the highest sexually transmitted infection rates in Canada. This workshop covers creditable, evidence-based information on the following topics:

  • Causes and prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI)

  • Evaluating risky behavior and how to think critically to protect oneself.

  • How to identify personal and community resources


Relationships and Consent

120 minutes

According to statistics Canada, only 28% of Canadians understand consent and 20% of Canadian teens experience dating violence.  All youth deserve to experience positive, healthy, and safe relationships.
This workshop covers:

  • Definition of all kinds of consent.

  • Establishing and applying relational boundaries.

  • Identifying warning signs within a relationship and where to get help.


for teens and pre-teens at church youth groups or faith-based community interest groups

Faith and Relationships

120 minutes

This engaging and supportive workshop is designed to help youth explore healthy relationships and sexuality from a Christian perspective. This workshop covers:

  • Relational health (in the context of friendships and/or dating)

  • Possible consequences of sexual activity

  • Relationships and God.

  • Potential effects of pornography consumption

  • Social media, sexting, etc.


Narrow the knowledge gap between you and your children.

Conversations about Sex

Two 90-minute sessions

There is so much information out there. How do we, as parents, navigate it all? Through evidence-based information from credible sources, we'll discover how to enhance personal and family values while alleviating fear and concern about having conversations about sex. Some of the topics we cover are:

  • effects of unrestricted pornography consumption

  • social media and sexting

  • strategies for promoting healthy sexual choices.


Raising Teens in a Contrary Culture - facilitated book study.

Four 90-minute sessions

A book study of Raising Teens in a Contrary Culture by Mark Gregston.

Using Gregston’s insightful guidance and recommendations, we will explore how parenting needs to shift in today’s culture to maintain authentic, healthy relationships between teens and their parents/caregivers. Participants will examine themselves and their home environment and learn how to build hope and connection within their families.


eXposed: the Naked Truth Behind Pornography Consumption

120 minutes

For Youth Workers and Parents and Carers of Teens and Pre-teens

We live in a hypersexualized culture. Children and teens are consistently bombarded with sexual imaging. This workshop will equip you to create a porn-resilient household. We will explore the following topics:

  • how unrestricted pornography use affects the brain.

  • how to guide your teen toward resilience to hypersexualized media

  • how to teach healthy sexuality to your teen or pre-teen


Becoming “That Person” For Your Child

120 minutes

Discover the WHATs, WHENs, and HOWs of navigating these sometimes awkward but always vital conversations.

  • How and when to start age-appropriate conversations about puberty, brain development, and sexuality.

  • How to be that parent who’s open, honest, and approachable.

  • Practical tools to create meaningful conversations so you are “that person” your child will come to when they need help. 

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